People can get exposed to food sensitivity at the onset of nearly every meal, depending on what is being consumed. Researchers have exclusively studied the association between food sensitivity and allergy. Studies have discovered how effectively identifying the sensitivity can help in healing food sensitivities.

Food Allergies vs Food Sensitivities

Food allergy and sensitivity can be stimulated by the consumption of different food items like peanuts, shellfishes, and so on. However, allergies can put your life at stake when your body has a full allergic response, like anaphylaxis, and the response is usually quickly after eating the food. A food sensitivity is a milder reaction to problematic food but it still causes an inflammatory response that is progressive over time and can cause problems several days after eating the food, which might make it harder to identify. Chronic inflammation from food sensitivities can lead to chronic pain and chronic pain is what many people seek chiropractic care for. Many people don’t realize what they are eating may be causing them pain!

The chiropractor at Affinity Chiropractic can help you identify if you have a food sensitivity that may be causing chronic inflammation and chronic pain.

Klamath Falls Chiropractor Helps Patients Achieve Wellness

At Affinity Chiropractic in Klamath Falls, we love to help our patients improve their health with powerful nutrition information. Our chiropractic care center expert has helped a whopping number of patients in treating their food sensitivities. We use a simple finger poke blood test to identify the sensitivities of a person to certain foods and then plan lifestyle changes by personalized nutritional suggestions.

Affinity Chiropractic is inclined to offer overall wellness to people suffering from food sensitivities. Our advanced test procedures reflect intolerance to different products like wheat, barley, potato, fruits, dairy products, and meats. We are aware that food sensitivity can cause an emotional and physical disturbances. For this, we consult with each patient about the problems encountered due to the sensitivity and how to address them. After a thorough examination, we chalk out proficient chiropractic and nutritional plan to restore optimal health.

Dealing with Food Sensitivities

The chiropractor at Affinity Chiropractic care center offers highly helpful nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to patients depending on their unique needs. To provide the most thorough treatment plan we get to the bottom of the lifestyle and dietary changes of an individual.

Our chiropractor uses advanced testing techniques to trace solutions for addressing chronic pain that often co-exist with food allergies, food sensitivities, gastritis, IBS, back and neck pain, and a very long list of other ailments.

We facilitate people with our chiropractic care that results in improving your physical and mental health and often your immune system. When our immune system is affected, it makes us highly vulnerable to diseases and nurtures different types of allergies and sensitivities. Through our efficient health management procedures, the system can heal and relieve any obstruction to optimal health.