Cold Laser Therapy Chronic For Pain Treatment

Cold laser therapy is also referred to as low-intensity laser therapy. It is a new procedure of treatment that stimulates healing. The cold laser treatment uses different wavelengths of light directly to a pain area. The body tissues absorb the light and cause a reaction. It can be applied to patients suffering from acute as well as chronic conditions to reduce spasms, reduce pain and improve functionality.

Cold Laser in Oregon offers a painless procedure and takes typically a few minutes only. Cold Laser therapy is known as a non-invasive procedure that does not need any kind of surgical incision. So the patient does not have to undergo a prolonged recovery phase. Similarly, it does not include any medications and has no side effects when properly used by a doctor.

What’s Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is a treatment that uses low wavelengths of light. During other treatments, surgical as well as aesthetic lasers use heat, however, cold laser therapy does not. Medical professionals use this therapy in a number of ways. By and large, cold laser therapy is utilized for pain and inflammation relief along with tissue repair. This procedure is also commonly used by dermatologists for treating different skin problems like acne and burn scars, psoriasis, and vitiligo.

Cold Laser Therapy in Oregon also treats difficult wounds like ones related to diabetes. In addition, acupuncturists also make use of this treatment procedure for people who are not comfortable with needles. The modern applications of cold laser therapy are limitless, researchers anticipate treating several other medical conditions with this in the future. These ailments include spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease as well as traumatic brain injury.

How Does Cold Laser Therapy Work

Cold laser treatment in Oregon works through handheld devices that are almost the size of a flashlight. The red and near-infrared light results in causing a reaction that promotes the regeneration of damaged cells. The laser is directly applied over the area for a few minutes. During this process, the non-thermal light photons pass through the epidermis or subcutaneous tissues.

The process is similar to photosynthesis in plants, as the cells absorb light energy and result in initiating series of reactions. These reactions promote pain reduction and the healing process by enhancing intracellular metabolism.

Cold Laser And Low-Level Laser Treatment Technology

Cold laser is an effective way to deal with various pain types and inflammation. It is a welcome addition to the healing process for every injury. Since cold laser primarily relies on low levels of light beams, it is also called low-level laser treatment.

Cold laser therapy is more secure than other laser therapies. For example, when patients undergo specific laser therapy to destroy tumors, their tissues end up getting glutinous. On the other hand, cold-laser therapy does not inflict any harm whatsoever on the tissues.

Talking about the process of cold-laser therapy, experts apply wavelengths to patients’ bodies. The optimal intensity of wavelengths depends on a variety of factors; the body type and health goals to name a few of them. If you are scared of confronting pain, cold laser therapy is surely your cup of tea. Here are some of the other common titles given to cold laser therapy:

  • Low-power laser therapy
  • Photobiomodulation
  • Soft laser biostimulation

Is Cold Laser Therapy Treatment For You

The use of this treatment is growing potentially in traditional and complementary medical practices. Cold laser treatment Klamath Falls performs treatment under the professional care of qualified practitioners to make sure that therapy is effective for their condition.

However, cold laser therapy should be avoided on cancerous lesions, thyroid as well as eyes. Similarly, the side effect of the therapy is unknown for unborn children, it is recommended that females should avoid this treatment during pregnancy. The procedure is surely for you if you are looking for alternatives to surgery and invasive therapies. It is a great option for those who are seeking convenient and painless treatments to relieve their pain. But before getting started with the treatment, you should speak with Dr. Bigby to find out if it may be useful for you.