Almost 32 million Americans are diagnosed with back pain issues and about 80% will be experiencing it at a certain point in life. It highlights a number of concerns about the main causes behind ailment, preventive measures, lifestyle management, and chronic lower back pain treatment.

Treatments For Chronic Lower Back Pain

In the past, a common treatment for lower back pain was medication which only resulted in masking the pain but didn’t fix the major underlying cause. For achieving long-term relief, well-planned chronic lower back pain treatment is required.

It is not only essential for dealing with the sudden bursts of unbearable pain but also comes in handy to identify deep-rooted causes behind the pain. That way, every person may attain different treatments for the pain, based on their underlying causes.

Affinity Chiropractic is offering various options for treating back pain while improving mobility. These treatment alternatives include spinal adjustments, therapeutic exercise, cold laser therapy, and much more.

Causes Of Lower Back Pain

If you are unaware of the major causes of lower back pain, then you are not alone. There are plenty of causes associated with lower back pain. Disc pressure, faulty spinal biomechanics, poor sitting and lying posture, spinal stress, and weak spinal musculature, to name a few. Our experts combine manual techniques along with mechanical adjustments for proper back pain management.

Our chiropractor is highly skilled to diagnose the issues and treat them. Whether it is due to a car accident, work strain, or chronic illness we help you attain the relief you require. We diagnose the causes behind the back pain then chalk out a plan for treatment. Instead of relying on a single measure, we combine a variety of chronic lower back pain treatments to efficiently address the condition.

Stress And Back Pain

Mental and emotional distress causes muscular pain and headaches. Chronic lower back pain can also be a reason behind fatigue, anxiety, and irritability.  When you are depressed or feel anxiety, your breathing pattern changes, and pain in the lower back is experienced. Stress itself is an unpleasant feeling, you might not realize it but when you are stressed chemical reactions takes place in your body. In these conditions, cortisol and adrenaline are mainly released, which results in causing involuntary tightening of body muscles. Stress can also aggravate old injuries and lead to increased musculoskeletal pain. Summing up, prolonged stress can lead to severe back pain, especially, in your lower back. 

At Affinity Chiropractic, the experienced and expert chiropractor is equipped with the techniques, tools, and knowledge to deal with this problem. So if you are surfing for the “lower back pain treatment experts near me”, you will come across plenty of options.

Back Pain Relief Klamath Falls Oregon

For relieving pain and distress through non-invasive and effective treatment, you need to take a leap. Just call now and book your appointment with the most advanced back pain relief Klamath Falls professionals. If you need an answer to any lower back pain-related questions, contact the experts at Affinity Chiropractic.

Once the root cause of the pain is highlighted, our chiropractor will get started with effective chiropractic planning for addressing the specific health condition. Our doctor has many years of experience with the treatment of chronic lower pain and can appropriately diagnose as well as address the issue.